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Acupressure Reiki Craniosacral

What is acupressure for animals?

Maria Duthie is certified in large and small animal acupressure.  Acupressure utilizes the same points and provides the same benefits as acupuncture.  Through the use of finger pressure to activate the points acupressure can work to improve your animals health.

Acupressure is an ancient healing art.  It has been used for centuries in the eastern cultures and has recently been accepted in the western world.  Acupressure is a very gentle and noninvasive procedure that can profoundly impact both humans and animals. . The benefits of acupressure include:

  • The release of endorphins needed to release pain

  • Removes toxins and increases blood supply to aid in the healing process
  • Enhance focus needed for training
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Release natural cortisone
  • Aid in building the bodies immune system

Acupressure works on the meridians in the body.  These are made up of pools of energy, which are the acupressure points.  By activating the points the energy is released and allowed to flow in the areas needed.  By allowing the energy to flow the body can begin to heal.  It is a great way to help promote health and wellness.   
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What is Reiki?

Reiki means spirit in Japanese, or breath of life. It is a tool, which supports physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Reiki energy is one name for the force that is behind all life that exists. It is considered by some to be the subtle force behind everything that links us all together. Dr. Usui developed the system that is used today by people that practice this art of healing. It is a powerful compliment to massage and is very beneficial with the animals. Through learning about all types of healing, animals receive what they need to enable their own bodies to begin to recharge.

Reiki a healing energy is a universal life force energy that is very powerful for both people and animals.  Maria Duthie is a reiki master who teaches and practices reiki on and for both people and animals.

 Reiki is different then massage in several ways.  The hands are still used but they do not move or manipulate the tissue.  They are simple rested on the body or off the body to direct energy to the recipient.  Reiki can do no harm and if the animal or person does not need the energy in that area the energy will go where it is needed.  It is very useful for relaxation as well as for situations where massage can not help.  If an animal has a very soar area reiki is a perfect way of affecting the area positively without forcing touch on them.  Rescued animals use reiki for a variety of reasons.  Often they are worried about human touch and the reiki energy allows them to begin feeling safe with humans. 

 Reiki is done through a series of hand positions which are designed to coincide with the chakras  in the body.  These chakras or energy center coincide with the endocrine system in the body.  If the energy is blocked in an area illness could occur.   

Reiki feels different for every body.  Some feel it as heat or pulsing.  It is a comforting touch which relaxes and allows the body to rejuvenate.  Some have described a reiki treatment as being plugged in or warmed all over. 

For more information on reiki or if you would like to learn how to do reiki for yourself please contact Maria Duthie.       

The five principles of Reiki are:

Just for today
    • I will give thanks for my many blessings
    • I will not worry
    • I will not be angry
    • I will do my work honestly
    • I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing

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What is Craniosacral?

Maria studied Craniosacral under Bailey Tune who is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in this work. This technique works to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. Through this balancing, the body can rest and relax as we ask it to. It can also respond to the need to fight or flight, as it needs to. During this procedure the practitioner takes the body where it needs to go. This can release long-standing tension in a muscle due to accidental trauma or from being forced to go in a particular manner for a long period of time. Muscle pain due to accidents responds well to this modality.

This massage technique is a very subtle yet powerful one. It acts similarly to fascia release techniques. It is very relaxing to the recipient. Most of this work is very light but it still creates positive change in the tissue. Horses respond very well to this work. It is often the work that seems to be nothing at all to an observer that does the most good for the animal.

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Last updated on 09/16/2010

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