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Case Studies
Read about cases that can help you understand the benefits Annisage can give your pets

Rusty is a nine-year-old Australian shepherd who had no obvious health problems at all. He had stopped jumping on the bed and was having trouble getting in the car but the owners attributed that to his getting older. He began receiving massages as a treat. The results surprised his owners. He began jumping on the bed regularly and flying into the car. He also became less aggressive with other dogs. He was more willing to play then he ever had been before and he often initiated the play with his younger beagle brother. Rusty’s physical and mental changes were a delight and an added bonus to the feel good experience.
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Jessie, a ten-year-old quarter horse, had injured herself as a yearling and had some built up scare tissue. She began receiving massage to enable her to flex her neck and to increase her range of motion. She was really taking to the massage work so Maria began some craniosacral on her scar tissue and much to the owners’ surprise it disappeared with two sessions. This allowed Jessie freer motion of her right rear leg which she had been lacking most of her life. Now she can be collected and move off her hind end with ease. It has not only improved her physically but emotionally she is much more willing to work.
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A two-year-old male golden retriever came to be massaged due to past hip surgery.  The hope was to get him stronger so he could have his other hip done.  Maria worked him on for three weeks one time a week.  In the between treatments the owners were given homework to do which helped continue the massage benefits.  When the dog went to the vet the doctor was amazed at his progress.  He could not tell which hip had already been operated on.  He had no limping in either leg and the range of motion was equal in both hind legs.  Not only was the surgery leg better but the veterinarian determined that the dog did not need to have the other hip operated on.
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Magician is an eight-year-old thoroughbred stallion that lives in Kenya at a wildlife preserve. He had been badly injured in the move from England to Kenya. He had broken his knee. They had decided not to put him down. That was six years earlier. He had severe swelling in the leg and the knee was bowed out to the side and not able to flex at all. He moved the leg by swinging it to the side. Maria went to the sanctuary to train the grooms how to massage the horses and decided to try to make magician more comfortable. Each day she worked on the leg and shoulder for five to ten minutes. Mostly using effleurage and digital circles. By the end of the second week not only was the swelling nearly gone but Magician was able to bend the leg. The only abnormality was the actual bone itself which had been broken. He was a much happier horse and able to move around with greater ease.
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Last updated on 09/16/2010

Maria Duthie, Animal Massage Practitioner
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