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Maria will be at the USDAA Nationals in Kent in October

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 Belize Trip
Trip to Belize

I enjoy going to different countries to experience how they take care of their animals and it gives me a chance to work on new animals. On this trip I rode everyday on very fit horses. They live outside all the time and their primary diet is grass. They had no fat but were in very good condition. I massaged a couple of them and found that they had no lingering spasms or tightness. The areas that were tight released quickly. The same was true for the two dogs I worked on. The monkey had long lean muscle. He had some stiffness in his neck and lower back. He was older so this may be why. His muscle tone was interesting to me. Small compact long muscle. I really enjoyed my trip and think everyone would. I cannot wait to go back.



Last updated on 09/16/2010

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