Journal entry-Dec.5, 2008

This week I worked on a few dogs with digestive problems.  You normally would not consider these issues to be massage cases but really they are.  Giving the dogs a chance to relax and focus past the pain and discomfort can be very valuable.  This is effective for many problems that you face with your dog.   

One dog has bloated several times and we have been working to prevent that with regular massage.  She came to me this week very swollen in the belly and feeling very uncomfortable.  She had gotten into something she should not have.  I was very concerned about her and was hoping if I used some passive touch and effleurage I could get her to release the pain and increase the motility to allow the dog to pass the possible blockage.  I also worked some acupressure points to help with this.  With this combination I was looking for releases such as passing gas yawning and abdominal sounds.  This began about ten minutes into the massage.  As The work continues you can see and feel the dog relaxing.  We were able to help the dog feel better and avoid the possible bloat. 

The other dog was vomiting and had diarrhea. I know this dog really well so I felt very comfortable with him.  The vet had giving their advice and we were good to try what we felt would help him.  With him I used reiki and acupressure.  The reiki seemed to be the most valuable for him.  He gave releases such as burping heat release and leg twitching.  The acupressure gave him relief on the large intestine meridian.  He had several releases there.  I gave the owner some homework which consisted of passive touch on the stomach and working the bladder meridian.  I am hopeful this will help him out. 

These are just a couple of examples of how massage can help in different ways.  It is also an example of how the massage bond can help in healing.  Each day I find a new experience that makes my job so worthwhile.